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ArtsLab11 Work-in-Progress: To Ponder

Photo by Pollyanna Kaisa Nowicki

I’ve finally managed to find (yes, find) two days, in fact, the last two days in my July Holiday Break (I work during School Term) to reflect on my first work-in-progress piece for ArtsLab11.

The Red Shoes: To Dance (uncontrollably)

The Red Shoes: To Dance (uncontrollably)

A curtain draws open. Its thick fabric, red and rich, ripples to reveal a man. This man – a shoemaker (Leonide Massine) begins to ‘chasse’, ‘pas-de-bouree’ and ‘pirouette’; a pair of ballet shoes held in each of his hands. She (Moira Shearer) suddenly appears. Her body is lyrical and lucid, and her steps are as […]