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Looking Back on ArtsLab’09

Where am I now? Well I’m right here in front of the computer, creatively typing like a mad man and thinking about how to make a short film where a man dodges bullets and defeats an army of evil tin can robots that have taken over the world – If your wondering how will I […]

The Slugabed Progressions – The Season

Written and performed by Sam Dalley Photos: Alex Vaughan

Shadows and Cardboard

a collection of images to inspire and reference for 2 puppetry scenes. —————————————————————————- >the rough styles, ideas and the vibe of the swimming shadow puppets: this scene is a small reference to a later scene in the piece that was included in the industry showing earlier this year at this point the Character has fallen […]

Some Sound

  Sound Cloud courtesy of myself and the Kirkpatrick. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!.. — Sam

producing some sounds

various phone messages were just sent and it looks as thou David Kirkpatrick will be producing some music with me in the studio for the soundtrack to Slugabed. he seemed keen to work with my ideas of initially using the experimental/satire/screamcore/grunge style of groups like Boredoms and Fantomas. we will be hitting the studio on […]

New Space – Chalk mapping out

As many people have told me i constantly change topics in conversations, arguements and Telling stories – I just completely put myself off track constantly. its a particular problem i have (but sometimes is also a gift) that ive been wanting to also explore. so i walked into the space today to write down ideas […]

The Slugabed Progressions: Swamped by Sam Dalley