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That Boxing Day Feeling

Photography by Ava Karuso

It’s the day after the day.

Bits and pieces from the Industry showing

Bits and pieces from the Industry showing

Here is my directors notes from the Industry Showing Working Title: I can’t handle your stuff anymore For the past two months since this year’s Artslab mentorship set sail, I have spent most of my time mucking about with objects. Fortunately this is what I have meant to be doing. My inquiry is into objects […]

Tough Love: Part Two

This is the post I’ve been avoiding. Why? Because it involves some form of critical reflection on the work-in-progress that is Ten Irish Love Songs (ie my self) presented a few weeks back at the industry showing. Also because we’ve been busy developing the Major Project “At the Drive In” which is coming up at […]

Tough love: Part One

It’s tough to be in love when you’re young. This theme is in two parts. The first, is on the above topic and my own observations. The second is the ‘tough love’ that defined the industry showing feedback.

Epiphany moments and a great deal of food.

It is fair to say that my last blog painted me in a rather frazzled and dire state. It is fair to say that to the random blog reader, I may have appeared to be ‘stressing’. It is fair to say that all in all, it was not a very pleasant read. At the time […]

The Slugabed Progressions: Swamped by Sam Dalley


(My) Yellow House by Bridie Moran


Gallery by David Buckley


Wasted on the Young by Tim Spencer