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Love in a time of body pillows…

A while back I watched an episode of 30 Rock with my boyfriend, The Almost Lawyer, which was not only hilarious but explored a strange manifestation of love. In the episode, James Franco (as himself) is Jenna’s contractual love interest. He needs Jenna to pretend to be his girlfriend. The bizarre thing is, Franco has an obsessive […]


A task I was given last night at the first ArtsLab meeting of the second development phase: write one love story that is true and one that I made up. Guess which is which! First Love # 1 Thousands of little loves. Glance on the street. The butcher gave me a discount on a beautiful […]

Tough Love: Part Two

This is the post I’ve been avoiding. Why? Because it involves some form of critical reflection on the work-in-progress that is Ten Irish Love Songs (ie my self) presented a few weeks back at the industry showing. Also because we’ve been busy developing the Major Project “At the Drive In” which is coming up at […]

Tough love: Part One

It’s tough to be in love when you’re young. This theme is in two parts. The first, is on the above topic and my own observations. The second is the ‘tough love’ that defined the industry showing feedback.

Be Kind, Please Rewind

It’s bump in week! That means late nights, pizza, a million tech runs, theatre design, pizza and pulling the show together (with pizza). It’s beyond crunch time, it’s now panic stations time. And I am. Panicking. Last week I started working with phenomenal actor/writer/director Sam Duncan, who has been involved in our workshops with the […]


Finally! I’m in the space at Shopfront, at the time I said I was going to be here, sans an icky cold that I ‘got out of the way’ last week, and I’m ready to create. I feel vaguely clearer (is that possible?) about my work: previously I thought that I would explore two separate […]


Let’s just say that my comfort zone is being obliterated on a weekly basis. And see where that leads….