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When your world begins to crumble, bake a pie

When your world begins to crumble, bake a pie

Art: A series of happy mistakes? That seems to be how my show is coming together!

Lets hang out in the un-knowing

Dear James, It’s too easy to say that I love you. I have become so diluted in you. No one else has ever made me feel so whole. When you are away from me, even for just an hour, I just want to become a hermit, because nobody else is worth connecting to. Who wants […]

Zombies, Dirt, Happiness and Pop Stars

Zombies, Dirt, Happiness and Pop Stars

ZOMBIES– “Be brave. Be patient. Find something beautiful.”

Epiphany moments and a great deal of food.

It is fair to say that my last blog painted me in a rather frazzled and dire state. It is fair to say that to the random blog reader, I may have appeared to be ‘stressing’. It is fair to say that all in all, it was not a very pleasant read. At the time […]

It’s only my heart

My brain and my heart are colliding! It is a very intense artistic struggle that has left me in tears, made people concerned for my welfare and worn my body out.

The art of talking to ones self

To allow yourself to be completely alone takes a great deal of courage and risk. When you are alone you have nothing to protect you from yourself.

An invitation to my room. . .

SHOW UPDATE: The show has taken a surprising and delightful turn for the better! Now, it will act as an invitation for you all to peer into my own personal room. Observe me in my extremely private and vulnerable space!

A confounding yet simple question

“What do I want to know?” Elaborate: What do I want to know, not about my show, but about myself? I want to know if connectedness to another person, even momentarily, will bring me spiritual wholeness. Let’s begin with that. . .