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Goodness, it’s over.

Goodness, it’s over.

The last thing I ate last night before going to bed, was rather aptly, a toasted piece of mountain bread with nutella. Yes, I thought I would be sick of it too, but alas I think I am more in love with it than ever before. (For those of you who didn’t see/smell the show- […]

I have found out where I am!

Hello hello! So I had a rather exciting discovery on Wednesday night (yes, even more so than my last post’s discovery). I am actually a clown on a stage. There is no house. It is just me, a clown, who has stumbled (or been beamed onto it- haven’t quite decided that yet) onto an abandoned […]

Finding out how I get on stage

So this week I have been thinking, and moving, about a basic question one encounters when making theatre: why am I on stage and who are the audience in relation to the performer/s (in this case me). It’s seemingly simple, as all complex things seem to be. So I am a clown. Yes. I am […]

little video number 4

As I posted this I made the shocking discovery that the other Alice Cooper has a song entitled ‘I can’t sleep clowns will eat me’. Now my sweet little clown videos are linked to this rather frightening song. What a post modern combination.

another little clown video

Yes, I promise there are only a few more to come. This time the clown explores the bushland.

(another) little clown video

And another one… I realise this shot is a cliche, but I think it is good to embrace cliches sometimes and see what you can do with them. It’s romantic- clown running through the field at sunset. I will see where (if anywhere) I can use it in the coming weeks, but for now is […]

Bits and pieces from the Industry showing

Bits and pieces from the Industry showing

Here is my directors notes from the Industry Showing Working Title: I can’t handle your stuff anymore For the past two months since this year’s Artslab mentorship set sail, I have spent most of my time mucking about with objects. Fortunately this is what I have meant to be doing. My inquiry is into objects […]

Transition time

So it’s been a few weeks since I paid a visit to this blog. I blame it on myself (there isn’t really anyone else to blame) and a slight feeling of inertia that crept in while I was trying to work on my piece, and on a less poetic front, a nasty cold. But here […]

Some thing I found this week

Sometimes the thing that you want can obscure you from the thing that wants to find you. That was this week’s discovery. I was lent a book this week entitled ‘How are Things’ (Droit) – a philosophical discussion on the things we have in our lives and their potential significance. Yes, pretty similar terrain to […]

In the hope of balloons tied to the letterbox

So last week I thought thinking about what I wanted to know was hard, and it is, but this week I have found something equally bemusing; thinking about how to work, how to turn an idea into something more than just that. What does it mean to realise a thought in real time and space […]

A little bit daunting

What is it that I want to know? Seems like a straightforward enough question but it’s one that has been plaguing me since my interview for Artslab a month ago and proving tricky to answer. So what to say… well I’ll start as a politician and dodge the question for a moment and make a […]