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Anne Lau

Vanity… Conceit… Narcissism?

Vanity… Conceit… Narcissism?

What a wonderful exploration into the theme of modern day narcissism: ‘Vanity strikes me as a craving for the good opinion of others, or a fear that they’re not thinking well of you. By the time you get to conceit you get a person who begins to be indifferent to the voices of other people, […]

Self Esteem vs. Narcissism

Self-esteem training has seeped into child-rearing strategies – children are told that they’re “unique” and “special” – and buried itself deep within self-help books and courses, therapies, corporate training sessions, and mainstream media: love yourself and the rest will follow. Advertisers bleat about the importance of satisfying every craving, desire and impulse, however pointless, extravagant […]

All Great Plays

A quote that inspired me from the Program of the Effect, an 2014 STC Production: ‘All great plays ask more questions than it answers, doesn’t take sides and keeps the big ideas firmly embedded in the action.’ – Sarah Goodes

Introduction to Piece

After becoming fed up with social expectations, the usually compliant Olive is empowered through the mantras of self-help books to cut all ties and reinvent herself. Those left behind are forced to come to terms with the meaning of her disappearance and her unexpected return. This play inquires about what it means to truly find ourselves. […]

Play Reading Rehearsals

Working with Hilary Bell

Hilary Bell is such an amazing mentor, and not to mention a lovely human being. It’s been so wonderful having a writer and dramaturg of her calibre reading over my work and asking really helpful questions and sharing with me her artistic process and experiences.

Workshopping with actors

Writing can be such a lonely ordeal. I spent so many nights slaving away at the keyboard in a room by myself while hearing laughter, music and chatter in the theatre from Rose and her ensemble. With limited accountability and a writers block that didn’t seem to go away, I decided it was time I […]

Being an Asian in the Arts

I always find that I’m struck with envy whenever I talk to a white person and they something along the lines of ‘my parents always encouraged me to pursue the arts’ or ‘I grew up going to theatre shows’. As an Asian who spent a significant amount of their childhood in tutoring centres and surfing […]

A foreigner in the arts world

As someone who does not come from a theatre or performance background at all, the Shopfront environment felt very alien at first. Not understanding the meaning of ‘play’ and trusting my artistic instincts meant uncovering the best way for me to write and develop my work felt like palming the walls, blindfolded in a hedge […]

Making Coffee Art

Making Coffee Art

Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime. – Ugo Eze   I’ve always had a love for cafes and memories, this play is about both. After talking to my mentor, Alicia Talbot, I was encouraged to create work by solving an image that had a hold on me. The […]

Introducing Anne Lau

Introducing Anne Lau

ANNE LAU is a playwright and theatre maker who is passionate about creating theatre for dialogue. Her aim is to produce theatre that confronts audiences with the sociological realities we live in. This comes from a belief that individuals are threads in a larger social fabric that is complex and dynamic and a passion to […]