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Sime Knezevic

I still don’t have a title…

Over the next several weeks, I need to develop this play with a director, dramaturg and actors. Simple. Whether what I present will be a reading, a moved reading, a performance or a fruit bowl will be identified in a week or so. In the past, I’ve tried to direct the play, achieving limited results. […]


  Description of the showing. Audience enter a theatre space, they are uncertain as to where to position themselves because the seating bank has been occupied by Gideon, eating nutragrain from the plastic bag. The work lights are on. Nothing theatrical seems to be happening. There is a music stand and microphone on one side. […]

Process: June

This is a video still from a rehearsal in June, leading up to the last showing. The figure is my friend Gideon who helped me out. More to follow.

The other one.

Hi. I’m the other artslab resident artist. I thought it was high time to post something. How does our conversation begin? I’ve tried to write on blogs a few times before, it’s like I’m talking to myself; a kind of madness. Anyway, my project. My project is an attempt to explore and articulate my formal obsessions with theatre, […]