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David Buckley

Final thoughts

Ok, so first of all, apologies are deserved. It has been a very long time since the closing night of the Three season, and I was meant to write these final thoughts quite a while ago but today is definitely the day to gather my thoughts about the whole process and put pen to paper… or […]

Gallery – The Season

Gallery – The Season

Written and directed by David Buckley Photos: Alex Vaughan

michael – pt 2

Yes, everything is going to be ok.


THUMP-THUMP. THUMP-THUMP. THUMP-THUMP. The impending arrival of Mr Pigott puts butterflies that are caught in knots that are surrounded by squirming worms in my stomach and sets my heart at a rate of about 200bpm. In my head, I know that logically that he is only here to help, not to judge (well, not to […]

titles and spaces

A swift and possibly not-quite-all-the-way-thought-through decision on Tuesday night left me with a whole lot of questions, but excitingly enough, it came with a whole lot more possibilities that I am still reeling from slightly. My piece will not be performed in the theatre (gasp!). We will be exploring every nook and cranny of the […]

New Direction

Interesting in the way Shopfront has organised the ArtsLab program, the myth that males cannot multitask takes spectacular form in my inability to focus on two projects at a time. It wasn’t until I found myself back in Sydney and all too quickly sliding into the swing of things that I felt able to fully […]