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The Showing and Beyond

Housing everything in an old geometry set tin

The Showing Last week was the start of the mid-point showings for ArtsLab. Hannah and Pippa’s work and my own were the first ones to be presented. Initially the showing felt like an annoying formality and I didn’t know exactly what I would present. I decided that since I have a Mentor and a Dramaturge […]

Oops or: I should try to stop worrying and get on with it

I had planned on doing a new post every week…oops. So I’ll try and make this post especially interesting and insightful to try and make up for it. How’s it all been going? Not too badly but I am starting to feel like I’m stagnating due to a lack of progress. I think I’ve reached a […]

First Post

First Post

I realised I’ve really been dragging the chain on posting so far, not that my test post doesn’t count. So, I’d like to use this post to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to so far. Writing. Mostly. To be more specific, I’ve been dividing my time between shopfront, a few libraries […]