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Some Thoughts on Process

Last week is a blur, lost in strange time zones and jetlag. I can’t quite remember what I said to the guys before we finished the session all I can hope is that I was somewhat intelligible through my jetlag haze as to be of some help.  I have been having a few thoughts over […]

Shadows and Cardboard

a collection of images to inspire and reference for 2 puppetry scenes. —————————————————————————- >the rough styles, ideas and the vibe of the swimming shadow puppets: this scene is a small reference to a later scene in the piece that was included in the industry showing earlier this year at this point the Character has fallen […]

michael – pt 2

Yes, everything is going to be ok.

Some Sound

  Sound Cloud courtesy of myself and the Kirkpatrick. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!.. — Sam


THUMP-THUMP. THUMP-THUMP. THUMP-THUMP. The impending arrival of Mr Pigott puts butterflies that are caught in knots that are surrounded by squirming worms in my stomach and sets my heart at a rate of about 200bpm. In my head, I know that logically that he is only here to help, not to judge (well, not to […]

titles and spaces

A swift and possibly not-quite-all-the-way-thought-through decision on Tuesday night left me with a whole lot of questions, but excitingly enough, it came with a whole lot more possibilities that I am still reeling from slightly. My piece will not be performed in the theatre (gasp!). We will be exploring every nook and cranny of the […]

So you want to wear the curtains?

I have had an idea for a performance for a long time and it seems it has found a home in this piece. For the fantasy drag/mime interlude I am entertaining the idea of creating the costume from the set. The manky curtains become the train of the dress, and the dusty crochet rug becomes […]

producing some sounds

various phone messages were just sent and it looks as thou David Kirkpatrick will be producing some music with me in the studio for the soundtrack to Slugabed. he seemed keen to work with my ideas of initially using the experimental/satire/screamcore/grunge style of groups like Boredoms and Fantomas. we will be hitting the studio on […]

Piaf is my pin up girl

I have an inkling about what song to use for my mime fantasy interlude. ‘La Foule’ by Edith Piaf is exactly the right tone, right language and it has a great build. I can kind of already see the action on stage as the lyrics are so theatrical. Also the story the song tells is […]

New Direction

Interesting in the way Shopfront has organised the ArtsLab program, the myth that males cannot multitask takes spectacular form in my inability to focus on two projects at a time. It wasn’t until I found myself back in Sydney and all too quickly sliding into the swing of things that I felt able to fully […]

New Space – Chalk mapping out

As many people have told me i constantly change topics in conversations, arguements and Telling stories – I just completely put myself off track constantly. its a particular problem i have (but sometimes is also a gift) that ive been wanting to also explore. so i walked into the space today to write down ideas […]

Hessian and Tutus

Now that I am staring down the barrel of a seven week production period for my performance, I am finding it more difficult to separate content, form and design.  I have been daydreaming at work for hours about how I want the design to look and what sort of effect this will have on the […]


One of the new characters in the second section of my piece is Alistair. We have heard about him before but this is the first time we meet him.

Michael Mail

Receiving an email from Michael in Canadia made me feel like I was in Next Top Model getting our latest challenge. We love Michael Mail! *shrieks for 5 minutes* What Michael/Tyra wanted to know from us is what our ideas are and how we are going to use the next few weeks to realise them.