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What else would you be doing?

It takes time. I’m reminded all the time, but mostly by myself, that it takes time. Which means having to mediate my own desires for immediate success, or success full stop, having to re-envisage my time frames, having to postpone, work harder, let things go, or re-orient. Mostly having to admit when I’ve got it, […]

Tough Love: Part Two

This is the post I’ve been avoiding. Why? Because it involves some form of critical reflection on the work-in-progress that is Ten Irish Love Songs (ie my self) presented a few weeks back at the industry showing. Also because we’ve been busy developing the Major Project “At the Drive In” which is coming up at […]

Process: June

This is a video still from a rehearsal in June, leading up to the last showing. The figure is my friend Gideon who helped me out. More to follow.



Tough love: Part One

It’s tough to be in love when you’re young. This theme is in two parts. The first, is on the above topic and my own observations. The second is the ‘tough love’ that defined the industry showing feedback.

Epiphany moments and a great deal of food.

It is fair to say that my last blog painted me in a rather frazzled and dire state. It is fair to say that to the random blog reader, I may have appeared to be ‘stressing’. It is fair to say that all in all, it was not a very pleasant read. At the time […]

Be Kind, Please Rewind

It’s bump in week! That means late nights, pizza, a million tech runs, theatre design, pizza and pulling the show together (with pizza). It’s beyond crunch time, it’s now panic stations time. And I am. Panicking. Last week I started working with phenomenal actor/writer/director Sam Duncan, who has been involved in our workshops with the […]

Transition time

So it’s been a few weeks since I paid a visit to this blog. I blame it on myself (there isn’t really anyone else to blame) and a slight feeling of inertia that crept in while I was trying to work on my piece, and on a less poetic front, a nasty cold. But here […]

It’s only my heart

My brain and my heart are colliding! It is a very intense artistic struggle that has left me in tears, made people concerned for my welfare and worn my body out.

The other one.

Hi. I’m the other artslab resident artist. I thought it was high time to post something. How does our conversation begin? I’ve tried to write on blogs a few times before, it’s like I’m talking to myself; a kind of madness. Anyway, my project. My project is an attempt to explore and articulate my formal obsessions with theatre, […]

Work in Progress

Alongside Michael Piggot, the amazing Alex Harrison has been taking us through a 3 hour creative development session every Tuesday on walking. Yep, an artistic inquiry into walking. It has been one of the most exciting and uncomfortable experiences I have had yet. Basically, my creative instinct often seems the exact opposite of how we […]

The art of talking to ones self

To allow yourself to be completely alone takes a great deal of courage and risk. When you are alone you have nothing to protect you from yourself.

Some thing I found this week

Sometimes the thing that you want can obscure you from the thing that wants to find you. That was this week’s discovery. I was lent a book this week entitled ‘How are Things’ (Droit) – a philosophical discussion on the things we have in our lives and their potential significance. Yes, pretty similar terrain to […]


Finally! I’m in the space at Shopfront, at the time I said I was going to be here, sans an icky cold that I ‘got out of the way’ last week, and I’m ready to create. I feel vaguely clearer (is that possible?) about my work: previously I thought that I would explore two separate […]

In the hope of balloons tied to the letterbox

So last week I thought thinking about what I wanted to know was hard, and it is, but this week I have found something equally bemusing; thinking about how to work, how to turn an idea into something more than just that. What does it mean to realise a thought in real time and space […]

An invitation to my room. . .

SHOW UPDATE: The show has taken a surprising and delightful turn for the better! Now, it will act as an invitation for you all to peer into my own personal room. Observe me in my extremely private and vulnerable space!

A little bit daunting

What is it that I want to know? Seems like a straightforward enough question but it’s one that has been plaguing me since my interview for Artslab a month ago and proving tricky to answer. So what to say… well I’ll start as a politician and dodge the question for a moment and make a […]

A small stream…

To be or become open – a GAP. The beginning of my exploration. My brain swells, thoughts come and go, inside, outside, upside down. Setting boundaries and parameters in order to explore the infinite depths of the human condition. A devised process. Two beautiful performers (Katy Maudlin and Jesse Sturgeon) and one director (Yours truly). […]


Let’s just say that my comfort zone is being obliterated on a weekly basis. And see where that leads….

A confounding yet simple question

“What do I want to know?” Elaborate: What do I want to know, not about my show, but about myself? I want to know if connectedness to another person, even momentarily, will bring me spiritual wholeness. Let’s begin with that. . .

Final thoughts

Ok, so first of all, apologies are deserved. It has been a very long time since the closing night of the Three season, and I was meant to write these final thoughts quite a while ago but today is definitely the day to gather my thoughts about the whole process and put pen to paper… or […]

Over and Out

I write this lying in a hospital bed in Adelaide, city of churches and I have ArtsLab to thank for my current location. Its actually much better than it sounds. Since the final showing of ArtsLab in October, my work on ‘Words They Make with their Mouths’ has continued and I have brought it to […]

Looking Back on ArtsLab’09

Where am I now? Well I’m right here in front of the computer, creatively typing like a mad man and thinking about how to make a short film where a man dodges bullets and defeats an army of evil tin can robots that have taken over the world – If your wondering how will I […]

Not neater, but more precise

The words ‘neater’ and ‘precise’ are very close in definition, but they are a world apart in what they mean for the end of my script. Having met the deadline for the first complete draft of the show yesterday, I woke up today feeling a little less satisfied than I would care to be. The […]