ArtsLab Shopfront's artists in residence


About the Program

In 2007, Shopfront introduced the ArtsLab artist-in-residence program. Initially a one-year residency for emerging artists, the program offered artists a space to develop new work, creative and professional development opportunties, mentorship, and a place in a Shopfront production.

After a successful six years, in 2013 the program shifted slightly to reflect Shopfront’s reduced funding and support capacity – Civic Life ran as a six-month program that encouraged emerging artists to immerse themselves within a Shopfront project.

In recognition of the distinct interests of emerging artists and the extra dedication of time required to engage in Shopfront programs on top of the creation of new work, the residency program has now been split. ArtsLab remains as a six-month residency program through which emerging artists are supported to create a new work, receive mentorship from industry leaders, and are giving the space, resources, training and guidance to continue their artistic careers. Civic Life continues in a new way – existing to support emerging and early career artists interested in the intersection of community, art, collaborative process and social context through the provision of internships and mentoring to gain skills and future employment as a socially engaged arts practitioner.


Get Involved

ArtsLab: Applications are open to artists aged between 18-25 who are interested in developing new work in the areas of – writing, directing, performance, multimedia, visual arts, music/composition, collaborative community arts, movement and design.

Applications are taken each year for the ArtsLab program and are assessed on the nature of the artistic enquiry and demonstrated commitment to achieving an outcome. The program is entirely free and Shopfront is able to take between two and six emerging artists or groups each year. Applications must include a specific new work proposal.

Civic Life: Looking to gain hands on experience working in community and socially engaged arts? Voluntary internships are available to emerging and early career artists within appropriate Shopfront workshops and projects across our entire program. Functioning as a guided mentorship/skills exchange/informal training program, this is an opportunity to hone your skills as a facilitator, collaborator and leader.

For more information about any of these programs, please contact Hannah on 02 9588 3948 or