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Time Flies when you don’t blog :'(

Sorry Blog. I have let you down. I thought I would be here to support you and cherish you but like fool I have ignored you.

I’ll do a quick recap of the things I should have blogged about

AUDITIONS – Amazing bunch of people auditioned. Amazing talented female energy. Sad to see them go.

CAST ANNOUNCEMENT – Got some Rad/talented/average heighted actors named Alex Francis and Tash O’brien to play Jamie and Christa.

CRACK FESTIVAL – We did a reading of The Carousel’s 2nd draft at Crack theatre Festival in Newcastle. We all drove down. We be heaps cute. Bonus: we took the rad picture you will see at the bottom of this post which accumulated over 70 likes on facebook without a single bit of indecent exposure.

REHEARSALS – In the midst of rehearsals and currently preparing for our November showing. Editing is real tricky but I’m getting better at it. Kill your darlings or rather ‘cut that line because you’ve said it before and it’s pointless and only YOU like it because YOU wrote it’. It’s really interesting to see the actors play with different actions on the floor and start fleshing out my script. Also Dramaturgy is hard. I have as much trouble explaining my play as I do explaining why I am indecently tall. Does it have to be explained just watch, experience and know that I am tall. But I should most defz work on being able to explain my play…

Dramaturgy matters. just not at 8:30am on a Thursday which is when that lecture used to be. Who knew such Time tabling would cause such grief in the future?

The Carousel Team

The Carousel Team L-R Hannah Goodwin, Pippa Ellams, Alex Francis, Tash O’Brien

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