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I do not want to die, I only want to vanish for a little while


(I do not want to be left alone

(Please do n t

let me be alone)



  • Aren’t you ashamed that you’re giving up on yourself?
  • This is not what giving up looks like, I am not squandering myself any longer.



I would love it if you called, it would really make my day.

You cannot imagine how your voice makes me feel

as it twists in talking to me, a cognitive function you



You, like God, can give me light and you, like God, can take all from me knowing that

I will allow it for the chance to be cleansed and filled with something new.




If you hold me in your mind tight enough I might just have a teather

(always fading why do you fade so much? Tired at noon)

to this life

to this place

but you have to reel me in and I cannot ask


It does not count if I ask.


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