ArtsLab Shopfront's artists in residence


Elle here, I’m creating my ‘ultimate’ dance solo.
I thought I knew what ‘ultimate’ meant, until I tried to actually start making the solo. It’s really hard.
I’m trying to leave all the self judgement at the door and remember that everything is valid and may have a place in the work (including my several failed attempts at a free standing handstand which ideally lasts for 10 seconds).

Realisations so far:
I don’t actually know what my own choreographic practice is (huge thanks to Shopfront for giving me the space to figure it out). There’s A LOT I can’t do that I wish I could. Working by yourself, on yourself is REALLY hard – distractions are everywhere. I need to be really specific with myself. Having a dedicated space that is not somewhere in your house is very helpful. My mentor, Sara Black, is every part as cool as I hoped she would be. The new kitchen at Shopfront is so good. And maybe, just maybe, I can actually use this prop in the work.

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