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Year of the Monkey

So apparently 2016 is year of the monkey. Hannah and I are both born in 1992…both monkeys. This. is. our. year.

No Pressure.

Truthfully as a Monkey I was feeling some pressure until Hannah and I decided to team up and apply for Artslab. Then we got accepted and I naively thought Boom! pressures off! We’ve impressed the zodiac.

And then I remembered…..






it happen





our work…..

but hey Lol jks and all that because we are getting to do what we want to do and its going to be that satisfying type of hard work and an amazing journey to take.

An absolutely YASSSS opportunity. ( Thank you Shopfront xx)

So basically I wrote a play. It started because I saw an amazing work in broadway and a really bad play on broadway. The good play inspired me write and the bad play gave me the confidence to actually do it.

I knew I wanted to write a play with female characters I could REALLY relate to and spoke how my friends and I spoke, vulgarities and all. I also knew that my baby sister was growing up, got a boyfriend and didn’t need my advice anymore. So I wrote the Carousel. Hannah read the play and was keen to direct. As a close friend and Ace Quality actor I trust her and have no doubt in her ability.

A brief rundown 

Christa and Jamie are sisters, still living in their childhood home in Western Sydney.  Together they are embarking upon the treacherous transition between girlhood and womanhood. As girls we see Jamie and Christa learn the horrors of life, and as young women they inevitably start to live them. Upon receiving life changing news Christa takes drastic action to save her little sister. Through the resulting experiences of love, sex, mortality, spiders, tampons, cricket and bathtubs full of pasta the sisters attempt to make sense of their world and of each other, to varying degrees of success.

Hannah and I are currently in the process of Auditioning actors for the Two sister roles. We are looking for two female actors to play an 18 year old and a 23 year old.

If you are interested in Auditioning and would like more information please contact myself on or Hannah at

Ps. Hannah is the satisfied crab in the photo. I’m the skeptical fish.

Hannahand I

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