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Chapter One (In which I actually write something)

So funnily enough I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this play I’m meant to be writing, and getting stressed because I only know about film. The question being of course, how do I use what I know and not just write a never ending conversation. I immediately missed my highly visual filmmakers toolbox but got thinking about why certain images seem to make so much sense for audiences and I stumbled across the symbolic power of genre.


See, I love films that dabble in a little horror and gore, particularly the ones that use the genre’s conventions and iconography as metaphor. Recently I was captivated by Andrzej Zulawski’s Possession in which the possession of the wife character (Anna) can be read at least in part as a metaphor for feeling overtaken by the ‘evil’ of her deteriorating marriage (also a concept I have heavily borrowed from). Now obviously, being a film and one with a B-grade feel to it at that, a lot of this is created visually by the camera, in the edit and through effects. However, the most haunting scenes of the film are definitely the intimate moments these characters share which leads me to question how something like this could appear on stage with all the hallmarks of the genre without flashy visuals of film.


As of then began the development of my play’s world and narrative structure.

A Still from ‘Possession’s subway scene

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