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Workshopping with actors

Writing can be such a lonely ordeal. I spent so many nights slaving away at the keyboard in a room by myself while hearing laughter, music and chatter in the theatre from Rose and her ensemble.

With limited accountability and a writers block that didn’t seem to go away, I decided it was time I made my own ensemble, who are these wonderful people:

Director: Christie Wykes

Cast: Dominique De Marco as Olive, Oliver Trauth-Goik as Wren, Pippa Ellams as Lucy, and Kyle Charles Gannon as Jonah.

These guys have been incredible gracious and patient with me as I turned up the first week with only 15 pages of a recent rewrite.

They read the dreaded first draft and gave me a ton of feedback. I’m astounded by the instincts of the actors, how well attuned they are to the beat of script and how well they’re able to sense the motives and emotions of the characters. I collected their annotated copies of the draft and on we went.

They following week into another re-write, with a similar session of development. And the week after, we did the same, with a more polished script each time.

I never realised how much easier writing could have been if only I’d thought to collaborate earlier, but I made the mistake of thinking I had to have it altogether before including them.

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