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Being an Asian in the Arts

I always find that I’m struck with envy whenever I talk to a white person and they something along the lines of ‘my parents always encouraged me to pursue the arts’ or ‘I grew up going to theatre shows’.

As an Asian who spent a significant amount of their childhood in tutoring centres and surfing the internet at home because the outside world was too dangerous, I can’t help but feel like I missed out.

Many times I wished I could go back and re-raise myself into a well rounded artistic person and I always feel like I’m at a disadvantage; as if I’ve missed the mark and everyone else is already yards ahead and I’m never going to catch up.

But at the end of the day, I believe there’s no use blaming your ethnicity, parents or upbringing but the best we can all do is make the most of what we’ve been given. I may not have been given the best start in my artistic career but being a part of the arts isn’t about belonging to a particular social class or demographic; the arts is for everyone, no matter where you come from or who you are.

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