ArtsLab Shopfront's artists in residence

A foreigner in the arts world

As someone who does not come from a theatre or performance background at all, the Shopfront environment felt very alien at first. Not understanding the meaning of ‘play’ and trusting my artistic instincts meant uncovering the best way for me to write and develop my work felt like palming the walls, blindfolded in a hedge maze.

My background? I studied politics with honours at Sydney University and have always been surrounded academics and left brained people.

It felt so different when I started at Shopfront and I really looked up to the other artist in resident Rose, who seemed to have so much experience, expertise and connections with artists of all sorts, while I was starting from scratch.

But over the last six months, it’s been wonderful becoming acquainted, included and now feeling a part of Shopfront’s artistic community, what a journey it has been!




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