ArtsLab Shopfront's artists in residence

Rehearsals Begin…

BEFORE: Sitting at Shopfront waiting on cast to arrive for what will be our 2nd day of 1st rehearsals. Today we will be attempting to find some truth in our Uni friend & our sibling story lines both of which are  full of the intricacies and spills of long turn relationships: friends that are family and family that are friends. The relationships in these stories are in a state of change. Each person grasping at a new direction. Some trying to renegotiate their individual identities within relationships where their identity is governed by old habits and recurring patterns of behaviour.


AFTER: Such a pleasure being in a room with a bunch of vastly different actors over a period of only 4 hours tonight. Fascinated by the different dynamics in the room. The different approaches each actor takes to the character provide alternate perspectives to the scene, its function and how the artist should tell that storyline. My line of enquiry for this residency has been around process. Tonight was an experiment in how to approach scenes with actors, to begin unravelling my own method as a director. How to i work with actors to tell the story? It is very different being in the directors chair, luxurious at times being able to see the whole picture. The challenge is communicating with the actor and collaborating with them as they piece together the story.

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