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The Collection

This post is retrospective thoughts since I haven’t been down to the river in a while. However, I wanted to share some thoughts I had when I was on the river. I spent a couple of hours in the 2-3 weeks leading up to our showing collecting rubbish from the Cook river. It was strange to go down there and retrieve objects originally discarded by some person who we can assume never gave it a second thought. The rubbish was in turn picked up my myself or Lucy or Christie to be revalued in our theatre installation. It was a simple enough task to make our collection (i.e. collect rubbish),  which made me think that it really wouldn’t take much to clean up the area entirely.

Rubbish on the CookIMG_1231

The people who saw me collecting rubbish perhaps assumed that I was altruistically engaged in picking cleaning up the river bank. It occurred to me that I to was using the river for me own gain – to make art – and while I cleaned up some small areas I found find myself skipping over patches of the filth in search of more ‘interesting’ rubbish further down stream, or upstream or whatever stream because you can’t tell really at the Cook. I haven’t addressed this in the dreaming process, it does feel like a project in and of itself (aka Clean Up Australia Day), but I do feel a little like I’ve used the River and I’m just as guilty as all those tossers who discarded their wrappers, deck chairs, cigarette buts, heaters, pens, care bears, sandals, bottle tops, tennis balls, plastic bottles, fishing lines, chocolate wrappers, etc.etc etc. without a care

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