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Making the Tree Cave

We are a week out from our mid-way showing and the fun has really started. Christy and I (pictured below)  began building our tree canopy. Very
DIY: chicken wire, cable ties and a whole lot of tree branches & organic matter. We actually made an attempt at a tree cave very
early on. Our 3rd rehearsal if I remember correctly. It was after we had done some field work. The tree cave was always in the back of my mind for this piece. It was quite possibly the first conceptual desire  had for the show: to build a tee cave of sorts. Here it is. Our first shot at it with no preparation what so ever just what we could find hanging around Shopfront.


What we found with this beast of a creation was that when we were  underneath the ladder it kind of mimicked or gave the impression of scale when you looked up into the internal chamber (or sorts) in darkness with a torch. By scale I am referring to the scale that nature imposes on you which reminds us (human beings) of our insignificance.

We came back to the tree cave and the pictures below are of us building it for the upcoming showing. Very excited to see this under lights.


Step 1 Christy battles with the chicken wire



Step 2 Laying down the organic matter



Step 3 Rigging the beast



Step 4 Adjustments


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