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Nearing ‘The End’

We have been doing a bunch of work this week and last generating and shaping material in preparation for our end of residency showing. We created a bunch of material through an exercise brought to us by our project mentor Matt Prest. It involved writing tasks that related to the show or materials used in the show and putting them into bags for the performers to draw out and follow.

There was amazing dedication in the room and both Felicity and Troy really committed to the activity pushing themselves and creating some great work which has informed the direction of the show.

It is now a process of refinement and shaping until Wednesday Eep! We have created a series of moods, images and ideas inspired by Ragnarok and the idea of the end of the world. I feel like this process is definitely just the beginning of a much larger work! We are excited to see where it goes!

Here are some images from the generative exercises we have been doing:




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