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Textures and Thoughts

I’ve been thinking of a lot of different things in regards to this project. At the moment we have largely been experimenting with mood – that is creating images and music inspired by the Norse myth Ragnarok. Now it is time to get something more happening to create a more cohesive whole. In terms of ideas that resonate from the myth the idea that the gods knew that the world was going to end and yet still went ahead and continued to act the same until the world. This resonates with a lot of the different issues that are happening currently in the way we deal with our environment as well as many other things. So we are running with that sort of idea as well as exploring the anxiety of the end of the world and more personal ideas of what the end means.

I am compiling an impressive design team which is exciting – I will be working with Emma Lockhart-Wilson – set and lighting, Rob Hughes – sound, Kirby Medway – Text and Lisa T (costume/fashion design). My two lovely performer,devisers Troy Reid and Felicity Tchorlian have also been working great guns!

In terms of the more visual aspects of the work Em Locky (set and Lighting designer) have been talking materials and lights so here’s a little insight into that:


Glass, Flour, Ice, Fire, Chiffon, Gold, Hemp Rope, Blood, Wine, Silver, Clay, Red Velvet, Black Satin, Fur, White cotton, Dark Wood, Crystal, Chalk, Exposed Wires


Warm and Cold rather then strong colour, defined beams, haze, shadows, Glass orbs, Square Boxes of light

here are a couple of other sneak peaks:

a picture from the showing of flour covering rose as she walks and a mp3 of the direction we’re heading with one of the songs.



Hide myself in hell

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