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Showings are a curious beast. To be honest I didn’t really feel ready for a showing, We’d been having such a enjoyable slow generative time it was hard for me to change my brain into any sort of presentation gear even a showing. However when compiling a list of things that had the potential to be shown I realised that we had actually made quite a substantial amount of material. It actually became quite hard to decide what was best to show – especially as we had to keep it to 15 minutes.

I feel like one of the most important things to do in a showing is to make sure it seems like a showing not a show. I usually approach this by breaking up the elements separately. This time I decided to let things run together as I wanted to show as much as possible. I tried to keep this slightly separated from show territory by allowing myself to comment throughout the showing and cue the performers and tech out loud.

Unfortunately, one of our wonderful performers Felicity, was unavailable for the showing. However with the help of the fabulous Rose Maher, some AV and doing a bit of voice over reading myself we pulled it off.

It was interesting using the AV, it became quite a large part of the showing and really it was only made to cover Felicity’s absence. It created quite a strong image and might actually end up being a big part of the show. More photos to come soon!



troy showing

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