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Draw me a sheep…

Carly Young

Rehearsals are well underway for what I’m excited to say is my first adaptation: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince.

My small, but wonderful cast of four are working with me each week bringing to life the characters from each planet the little prince visits on his journey. It is my intention to utilise the different spaces in Shopfront to depict the six planets in de Saint-Exupéry’s story, essentially making a ‘walk-through universe’ inspired by the voyage of the young prince to Earth. Sam Rosenberg, the young boy on board for my project, will lead the audience around the building as the little prince, showing and telling us those he met along the way. We’ve created the tour and now working through how it might actually look, feel,  and sound whilst herding an audience of approximately thirty. There’s three weeks to go, there’s a chance we might be crazy. But it’s definitely fun having a crack at it!

Tom Weber, Ryan Madden and Ryan McGoldrick complete my cast of four as Sam’s sidekicks, each playing a series of different characters stashed away in different spaces of the building and journey. Carly takes on a novel and an all-male cast: crazy. I work on Tuesday nights with the Ryans and Tom on the visual aesthetic of each room and the logistics of the tour, and then on Saturday mornings we bring Sam up to speed and smash through characters, colours and the physicality of the piece. I am also super excited though to have Nat Rose from post on board as my mentor for the project, and am really keen to brainstorm some ideas for her and workshop what we’ve come up with so far in the coming/remaining weeks.

Little Prince banner

I think our Civic Life season: A Walk in the Dark went out to the world this week, which is exciting news too – we’ve created a Pozible campaign to help raise money for each of the works, so any donations/contributions to help make these projects soar would be much appreciated from any rare soul out there in the arts with funding to spare!  The season is presented in two parts, A WALK and IN THE DARK, alternating nights with each part for a run between 6 – 10 November. The Little Prince is on the A WALK night, along with N&V who are creating a perambulatory installation piece. So we will be performing Thursday 7th, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November if you are keen to come along, which you should be, given all of the aforementioned ‘exciting things’. Check out our mini trailer for A Walk in the Dark below!

Until next time…

Carly x


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