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roses are red

Carly Young

Sunday fun!

Stealing every moment we can alone in the building, today we cleared each of the spaces and did a rough run. My perpetual anxiety about overwhelming Sam with lines and direction vanished when he decided not to use the script and had all of his lines down. AMAZING.
There’s still away to go in terms of shaping imagery and flow, but it’s looking good and I think we can get it to a nice place by next Thursday(!).

Nat Rose has started coming in to have a look and the work and it’s been really useful to pick her brain about different transitions and images. Having a new person experience the tour has proved really beneficial for us as well. I’m still grappling with potential sight line and ‘roving’ issues with the audience, and I think this will be the biggest challenge of my work given how much people take for granted sitting down in the theatre.

Today Sam said he’d like to be a pilot when he grows up…

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