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Belated reflections on ‘works in progress showing’


Since our last post HEAPS of exciting stuff has happened. Let’s try and get you up to speed.

Firstly we had our works in progress showing (months ago now!). The night was a really excellent opportunity for us to try and show some ownership over the small tasks/video work we produced in the first part of our residency. We presented a small movement piece and 2 short video works. Thanks so much to those of you who came and were so generous with your feedback.


We proposed questions to the audience to reflect on, 1) As an audience member, how did you engage with the work? Did you feel as though you were an objective party, looking in, or did you feel viscerally engaged at any point? 2) In your opinion what did the combination of live body, movement and video achieve? 3) In what setting could you imagine best engaging with this work (e.g. gallery space, theatre space or something more experimental?

Here are some exerts of written feedback we received:

“The sound drove the visceral experience for me”

“It was visceral. effective in evoking a sense of claustrophobia, sensuality and internal states”

“I loved the video of the running on the field because it solidified a sense of the internal and external states. The mist evoked a sfumato (the technique of allowing tones and colors to shade gradually into one another, producing softened outlines or hazy forms) that tied in well to the sound of breath, the sensual, physical motion.”

“Objective, disengaged, distant. Who do you see as your audience ? What experience do you want to create?”

“I think a hybrid space will close the gap between the live and video parts so they intersect”.

So much food for thought here which has really helped us progress further in both our movement and video work. So a big thank you to all our audience.


N & V


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