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My work-in-progress showing

Reading Carly’s recent post, I was reminded of how simple blogging can be (if I don’t build the task up in my head!). As such, I thought I’d blatantly copy the format of her post to document my own showing, which I presented on Tuesday 30 July along with the other Civic Lifers. Thanks for leading the way Carly (and Sarah and Nicola and Verity).

Listed below is my blurb from the program, the feedback questions I asked audience members (including a few examples of responses) and a couple of photos taken by Caitlin. Enjoy!

Memory (working title)
I’ve been thinking about “Memory” for quite some time now. After experiencing somewhat of a “personality crisis” in late 2011, I decided to volunteer with Wollongong City Council’s Dementia Respite Services. The more I engaged with the dementia community, the better equipped I felt at dealing with my own issues. Such a journey became the starting point for “Memory”. During my residency so far, I’ve explored how different narratives and theatrical elements can intersect to create the one unified experience. I began the residency having already worked on some elements in isolation – I had written some text, based on my own journal entries from 2011-12, as well as conducting initial interviews with people with dementia and their partners. My focus now is on creating an intimate space where there is a dynamic balance between these and other stimuli. I can’t wait to hear your feedback!
Feedback Questions
1) What aspect of the performative world were you most intrigued by?

2) In terms of the different elements (i.e., the text, the interview recordings, the live performances etc.), can you think of a moment where they a) complemented each other; and b) clashed?
Examples of comments
1) “The interaction and contrast between the numbing of memory as a young person and the effort of memory for an older person. Interested in the relationship between narrator and director”; and “I really wanted to know if Mara had actually never played the song before.”
2) “I think the recording vs the Roslyn Oades headphone technique was a clash as it became about performer and performance not the interviewed subject”; and “Feel Like constantly clashing but drawn together by the sitting around kitchen table – like busy life, breakfast table, everyone in their own heads.”  

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