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The New Team

Over the past two weeks I have had the pleasure of working with my new team of performers who will be joining me over the next month to help develop me with new material. A big welcome to Zoe Allison, Lauren Scott-Young and Jack Stodart.

Our first week was an introduction to the projects content and form. I set up three computer stations and gave the group a chance to explore the dark web, as well as chatroulette as a performative platform.


Each computer was equipped with a webcam, mic, and dark web software.

Each computer station was equipped with a webcam, mic, and dark web software.

Jack Stodart on ChatRoulette

Lauren Scott-Young



Zoe at her station

On our second week I worked closely with Jack and Lauren, who did a great job at quickly responding to a bunch of scripts and written material. It was great to see a small prototype I wrote last year based on the dark net in a space with a whole different energy. We also tried performing a few of these scenes while broadcasting onto chatroulette through a couple of computers. This meant the actors had people tuning in and out throughout the scenes, shouting out thoughts, comments or ambient noise. It was interesting to see how chatroulette placed a new performer in the space every thirty seconds and something I’d like to try out a bit more later down the track. Jack and Lauren also hopped in front of the camera and recorded a couple of vlog confessionals and some other material.

Tied up with script in hand. Such a trooper, Jack!


Next week will be working towards the internal showing that will happen in a couple of weeks.

Exciting stuff!

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