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The last two weeks have been very exciting as Nicola and I huddled on down deeper into our practice.

2nd July Studio Practice

Last week we continued exploring the back-to-back breath exercise we had created the week before, again focussing on communicating only with our breath and bodies. Some interesting imagery and ideas emerged as we introduced a shadow screen and a video camera. After some play with the shadow screen we realised how important the presence of our physical bodies were to this exercise and that representing this experience through only our silhouettes did not sufficiently communicate the sensory experiences we were having to the camera. We moved on and began to play with light and shadows on the wall behind, getting completely lost in that present moment of our physical conversation.

Some jotted down notes: tracking changing state of skin, breath and posture. How can we use sound- amplified real sounds, live? How do we push audience to experience our work through all their senses?- viewing booths, foam, hot and cold sensations.  How can we use projection to mirror live movement? Layers….!




9th of July Studio Practice

Along side the development of our own original work we are also working with Bodylines Extend to develop a short piece of film for Shopfront’s Major project for 2013 Travel Songs of Sea and Land. This Saturday is the group’s intensive workshop day where we will be facilitating the making of some video footage to be projected during the movement piece. The movement piece is set in an unknown underwater land so we needed to find a way to visually create this atmosphere. We decided to experiment with filming water through a glass bowl and manipulating it with straws, detergent, and food dyes. We managed to make some really beautiful effects and can’t wait to see what the members of Bodylines Extend create on Saturday!


10th of July – location shoot

Last night we further explored tracking the changing state of the body with a very chilly evening shoot on a sports oval. We focussed on examining the body’s journey to exhaustion looking specifically at the impact it had on breath, posture and skin.

!Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 11.59.03 AMTill next time!- N&V



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