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#DIY Bifrost

Apparently I didn’t post this blogpost from July – another story from the Emma wrestles with technology saga. So here is a little past insight for you. New insight on its way too!

This is the forth week of my residency and things are starting to fall into place. I have been gradually building a team to create my practical and trying a whole variety of things for the community part of my residency.

Over the last month I have observed and participated in a variety of different areas. I have been regularly attending the St George Group and the Wednesday Night Ensemble for Travel Songs of Land and Sea. This has been a great experience and I am enjoying learning new skills in facilitating  young people to create work.

In my own practice things are getting exciting. I am working with a couple of fantastic deviser/performers Troy Reid and Felicity Tchorlian, as well as with designer Emma Lockhart-Wilson.  I have worked with these guys before and am really looking forward to having a freeing exploratory process with them. We are looking at trying to develop design and content together to create a work that is hopefully quite visually exciting. So far we have just been working on generating images using Norse mythology as a base-point. We are trying to take simple materials and use them to create complex images – so far the we have been using ice, chalk, flour and candles. It’s been an exciting proccess. Here are a couple of images to give you an idea – sorry for the poor phone photo quality.

.diy bifrost troy candlesphoto

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