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I’ve been meaning to post an update for a couple of weeks now so here’s a bit of a long one!

Our first week of studio practice gave us a great bonding family dinner with some pretty fancy foods. Certainly hope we can keep that up!

Afterwards we spent some time getting to know each other’s ideas that we will be pursuing throughout the residency. Everyone had fantastic ideas and I can’t wait to see how they unfold.

I threw together a trailer vlog over the public holiday to experiment with form and the best way to communicate the idea I’m working with.

The Dark Net

I’ve been studying the idea of “The Dark Net” for over a year now, which is a part of the internet that can’t be accessed without a program that completely masks your IP address, meaning you are completely anonymous. Governments around the world have tried to shut it down lots of times with no luck. The Dark Net has brought about a lawless internet society, bringing global drug trade, human trafficking and child pornography to the homes of anyone who has basic internet knowledge. I’m exploring the idea of anonymity within the Dark Net, and how people interact with this online black market society.

At the moment I’m testing out different mediums for how I can present this world and all these ideas I’ve been sitting on for so long. I’m hoping to solidify a form by this week; whether it be stage, film, a web series or most likely some kind of hybrid.

Have you ever been to the Dark Net? I’d love to hear about your experience! Please leave a comment or email me at

Here are some production pics I took while we were recording the trailer with the amazing Lexie Araullo, who jumped straight into the foreign world of performing and film without any reservations.


Week 3 was all about tech play. I called in tech genius Gary Potter to lend a hand in exploring with multiple computers and projectors, as well as having a play on ChatRoulette. I’ve been exploring ChatRoulette as a performative platform for a while now, and need will be pushing its potential with actors shortly!

This week I’ll be getting scripts ready for my actors who will be joining me in July to begin testing out some new material.
Interested in being a part of this work? Here’s some more info:


Actors Wanted for Civic Life!

Are you looking for experience in creating theatre, performing, taking direction and  something to do on a Tuesday night?

Who: Performers aged 18-25 years

What: As a resident of Shopfront’s Civic Life program, I am in need a group of performers to test out material I am developing for a season of work. This will involve (but is not limited to) performing scripts, taking direction, being an audience member, interacting with film and technology, and being involved in a range of theatrical tasks and experiments.

When: Tuesdays 6:30pm-9pm from July 2nd   – 6th August (6 weeks) with the possibility of being casted into a season of work that will be produced in early November.

Where: Shopfront Theatre
88 Carlton Parade, Carlton NSW 2218
(02) 9588 3948


If you’re interested please shoot me an email ( with your contact details and any questions by the Thursday 27th June.

Until next time….take care!

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