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Hello, it’s Sepy.

It may appear that I have disappeared off the surface of the planet lately – or, at least, from my corner of the ArtsLab blog. Sorry blog.
But no, I’m well and kicking. ┬áSo much has happened since the last time I wrote – the Work-in-Progress showing, Shopfront’s major integrated project ‘Arcade Assembly,’ and the beginning of our third stage of the ArtsLab residency leading up to production. It’s been quite a ride.

I don’t know how it’s come to pass that four weeks of the third stage have passed already. But it doesn’t scare to me to think that we only have three weeks left before production week. I’ve seen how new devised works always seem to click together in every way just before they birth themselves to an audience – sure, it’s a stressful, heartbreaking & exhilarating process, bringing an all-new work into the world and trusting that somehow it will all fall into place – but that’s exactly what I place my faith in: trust, and process. Trust in the process.

It’s frustrating when I know that I have a whole wad of material that I’ve generated, just sitting around, waiting for me to use it – but not knowing HOW to use it. I’ve made recordings, I’ve created movement sequences, I’ve even experimented with shadow play – and I like taking my time and digesting how all of this possibly works together, or at least, enhances or informs what I want to finally present. But, time constrains exist, and I have to abide by them – the stress that inevitably gets things done.

This past week was probably the most productive I have felt throughout the entirety of the third stage so far. I sat in the sound room for a good 2 hours, and just recorded, edited, chopped and changed, recorded some more, had the computer crash on me twice causing me to lose precious unsaved material, and continued the process. Ignoring the computer crash, I started to piece together something which finally, FINALLY felt right to me. It was like, “Hey, you’ve spent something like five months trying to figure out what you want to say – and all you had to do was return to where it all started, the very thing that you presented at your ArtsLab interview – a computer, a microphone, and some music editing software. Welcome. Welcome back.”

Ahhh… the world works in such crazy ways, doesn’t it?


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