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Lie on the bed of answers.

I like most artists
Don’t trust myself.
I believe in what has failed
I trust what doesn’t work.

Feels wrong, looks bad, give up.

I cry.

I go to sleep and beg my dreams solve the world.
The irony is…

I am attempting to
Show you my dreams.
The way shadows make sense to me.
How they articulate the language of my heart.
Why sleeping makes everything right.

I wake up courageous.
Strong and prepared.
Armed with fantasies that
need to

But your eyes
Even closed.
Are not mine.
You will never see
The beauty within me.

It’s my little secret.
Why on earth did I ever think I could show you that part of me.

Yet still I attempt
That same feat every day.

That never ending challenge
Of wanting to achieve
Showing you my dreams.

This is why I never write here cause I’m so massively cliché and crap at it haha

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