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Phase Two: Arcade Assembly

We are two weeks out from Arcade Assembly and things are heating up (literally- we have heating now!) at Shopfront.

Photography by Sarah Emery

Arcade Assembly is a large-scale hybrid art experience made by young people from around Sydney. Combining performance, visual arts, film, animation, dance and music, Arcade Assembly is an event where people meet, reflect, interact and play. Come to think of it, the event itself kind of mirrors my experience of the process. My role in this project has been to learn from, and support Sarah- Shopfront’s Outreach coordinator. This has meant some early train trips out to Fairfield and Beverley Hills Intensive English Centres. But more than that, it has been a unique and exciting opportunity to meet and collaborate with young people from around Sydney.

I have helped out with a number of art projects, from origami to stop motion animation. When I’m onsite I have been slowly fixing and reinforcing some of the artworks made by the Outreach program. Ohhh, to use a hot glue gun again. Hopefully it will be strong enough to survive four runs of the show per day during production week.

Arcade Assembly will have both day and night shows. The night shows will be performed to the general public by the fabulous ensemble who have generated a huge amount of content in the lead up to the show. A smaller ensemble who don’t have to be at school everyday (including myself) will perform the show to school groups including the folks from Fairfield, Lomandra and Beverly Hills. It will be a thrill to help facilitate the daytime games that many of the audience members themselves have created.

Need another reason to come along to Arcade Assembly? Look at some of the wonderful results of the Outreach program, including this video:

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