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When I close my eyes, I see cork figurines dancing before me in an endless waltz.

My dreams are plagued by tables of craft making materials; pipe cleaners, glue, stickytape, sharpie pens without lids.

The past two days of running the day shows has been challenging to say the least. It’s certainly not what I had expected. My experience of theatre is me writing something then sitting in the back and watching other people do it. This was not that. My contribution to the show was little crafty cork people and tarot cards.

I don’t think I ever figured out what I was meant to be doing in this phase of ArtsLab12, but I have a feeling I did it well regardless. I ran the Avatar Station in the daytime shows, which I keep trying to break down to make some joke about how AVA was stuck with TAR working with the AVA-TARs. I dunno. There’s some wordplay based humour in there somewhere.

In the program I am thanked as a “designer”. That’s a bit wonky, however I do think I’m a bit excited to become the true designer for the next phase of my personal project. Arcade Assembly was a chance for me to try something new and learn a different area of theatre making, and I think I’ve done that. My next incarnation of The Resurrection Men and the Lunatic will have much more making involved.

And food.

Stay tuned.

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