ArtsLab Shopfront's artists in residence

That Boxing Day Feeling

It’s the day after the day.

Photography by Ava Karuso

A big thank you to everyone who came along to the Work in Progress showing yesterday.

The Shopfront community is pretty remarkable, and I feel so grateful for the platform to show new, unpolished work. It was an excellent afternoon of snacks, tea and carefully considered interactions. Thank you to the Shopfront staff for supporting us in the lead up to the showing, and putting on such a lovely event. Well done to all the ArtsLab folk too!

Today I’ve been thinking about feedback, opinions and my own filtering processes. While feedback is invaluable during the early stages of a development, public forums (from my point of view) can be unruly and sprawling. It was important that the Q and A session took place afterwards, but I’m also glad we have the opportunity to read feedback from people who aren’t as comfortable voicing their opinions in front of a big group.

What will I do next? Scratch everything and make something new? Find new ways to explore old ideas? Slowly tease out my work into a full-length show? Eat a mandarin? Adopt a cat? Watch back-to-back episodes of The Wire? Do my washing, finally?

Only time will tell.

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