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When life gives you lemons, make AAAAAARRRRRRT


I think we are all feeling the pressure of the up coming work in progress showing. Personally, life has been kicking me in my metaphorical testicles so the stress has compounded with trying to balance life and making.

This showing is an opportunity to get feedback from peers and deeply respected members of the performance community, so it’s kind of big deal. My main worry is that I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of the people that I respect. I have worked on creating some images that I really love but the audience may not connect to these images in the same way. My moments may not articulate anything relevant to the audiences’ experience of hair… There is not much I can do about that though is there? Its a leap of faith. Cross my fingers, hang on to my socks and hope that my intention is apparent.

My goal at this stage is simply to polish what I have. To enjoy the making and refining of the work that I have built up until this moment. I keep hearing in the back of my mind “KILL YOUR DARLINGS” but I am not ready to send them to the slaughter house. They have yet to connect or become a solid ‘work’ but I am assured that it is too early so I am sitting on my hands and trusting that.

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