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Make it work!

It is all kicking along with the ArtsLab crew. We have all been wrestling with our own ideas and creating as much as we can when in the space with our mentors. Now that the official roster of guest artists/producers has been created and given to us I am excited about what is to come!

The process feels a little strange; working on your own ideas whilst simultaneously working with other artists who are bringing in their own ideas and asking for feedback. It feels like we have been given a dozen hats to wear at once and we need to make them all work!

It seems like every weeks brings about a new set of ideas that have nothing to do with hair but might be incredible future projects. A little part of me keeps reminding me that they could be worked into the final piece in an unexpected way. There is a lot of information coming at me and I have to learn about making choices. The fear s always that I may chuck out some genius nugget that if I had simply held onto it, it would have made my piece great, but I have to remind myself that, that is simply fear talking and get bold!


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  1. Maria White says:

    Bold, AND beautiful. That’s you!