ArtsLab Shopfront's artists in residence

Let’s get to ArtsLabin’

Welcome to Artslab. Here you will find five women who know they want to make art and are going to do there darndest to make the best flipping creative work they can.

The first three days at Artslab have been exciting, unexpected and during moments, overwhelming. With so much to stimulate the creative juices to flow and new people to meet there was a lot to take in during the first three days. I was eager to acquire a better understanding of the facilities available to us throughout the Artslab program. I was blown away by the incredible support and dedication of the Shopfront team who has formed such a unique residency for artists like myself who want to develop their art on a professional level and refuse to tick a box in how they describe themselves and the work they create.

I came into Artslab not completely aware of how the time I had committed to would be structured over the six months. I half expected Artslab to be six artists locked in separate rooms, only allowed out to make tea and present a weekly finding however, throughout the first three days we where gently lead through exercises in creating and selecting ideas that excite us. I was also relieved to discover that our head mentor, Michael Piggott, guides a significant amount of time in connection with a various guest artists over the program.

I can’t help but recognize the challenge in facilitating a program that appropriately encompass the needs of a group of artists that all have such a varied vision and/or ways of working however this seems to be the true beauty of what Artslab is providing for artists. If the first three days is a look at the recipe then I cannot wait to get my hands dirty in the process and eventually lick the spoon.


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