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Early days, but good days.


Parachutes for Ladies, 2010


Aaaaatttt, laaaaaaaaaaaaasssttt.

A chance to look at ways of making art again.

The first week of ArtsLab has been fantastic. So many ideas bubbling up, and nice thematic cross-overs with other ArtsLabbers. I can tell it’s going to be a good year, removed from some of the creative constrictions of academia, but no less rigorous. I’m trying to take risks, notice things about my style, seek out feedback and trust my instincts about what to make. I have had some great conversations with Yana, Caitlin, and Michael and I already feel supported to dream big and try things out. What more could you want?

At the moment I’m looking at glitzy, dramatic aesthetics teamed with subtle meaning-making. High and low culture collisions! The ideas of ‘entertainment’ and ‘virtuosity’ mingling with the everyday and the absurd. It feels like rich territory and I’ve already had some interesting and unexpected results during the small-scale showings we’ve been doing.

In the short-term I want to make a durational performance installation as research for my final work. (Who knows, perhaps it will end up being my final work?) For this I will need to investigate how to take an hour long shower with recycled water. I will also need to waterproof twitter, and brush up on some lyrics to popular songs. Let’s see how that goes!

On this page you can see that I have used an image for inspiration by Parachutes for Ladies. It’s from their work I thought a musical was being made, which was a hybrid art project presented as part of Next Wave Festival 2010.

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