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Boom POW!

We have been induced, like the overdue babies we are. We’ve been catapulted head first into a world that is new and scary and exactly where we’re supposed to be right now. We’ve been cooed at by many – the grown ups, the older kids who’ve done this all before – and now we’re already up to our first steps.

When I’ve been asked by others how the ArtsLab12 induction went, I have responded with a dramatic mime in which my head explodes and pieces of my brain fall away to be collected and reassembled over the next six months. I’m not quite sure how to do this mime on a blog, so just imagine that during the induction, this was occuring inside my head:

It has now settled into your basic nuclear winter

Attempting to articulate how excited I am about the next 6 months seems futile. I’m overcome. I’ve found the world at my feet and now I’m trying to explore it in every direction all at the same time. It’s hard but I think I’m going to need to choose a direction and just go. My focus for the 6 months is Horror and how I can put it on stage. I’ve already successfully freaked people out, which pleases me because people usually freak me out, so I’m getting my one back against humanity. Which is nice. But I’ve started to scare myself already. I’m not sure how well my mental state will handle working late at night in the winter time, in a part of the city I don’t know, in a creaky old theatre with black and gold angels and tree branches that scrape the roof like fingernails. So I’ve set about ┬ápreparing myself for the possibility of becoming quite unhinged, and perhaps the possibility fatally replacing a prop knife in a final showing. For the records of any law enforcement, I’ll say now that I’m not a bad person. The art made me do it.

Responses (2)

  1. erica says:

    Hay Ava rock it out! if its possible see if you can get in touch with Shy Magsalin shopfront should know her if if they don’t i can out you on to her she is developing an amazing horror inspired pice ‘The execution of Amelia Divine’ that explores horror and thriller elements on stage. Shed be great to chat to as she is a director and physical theatre artist. You’d dig it. stay groovy

    • avakaruso says:

      Thanks so much Erica! I did a google, she looks like one cool character. I’ll see if I can get in touch ­čÖé