ArtsLab Shopfront's artists in residence

ArtsLab Induction 2012

From Kamaitachi, by Eikoh Hosoe

It was a relaxed atmosphere, seeing as most of us already knew each other; add in a little swapping of food and meeting Ava, and here’s ArtsLab’12. The first night I was talking to Margot, Yana and Saskia, and like Maria had noted at the end of the night, there was a strange feeling that somehow, there were a few versions of my project floating around Shopfront. Each of the discussion led to details that I never really considered: 1) using another person’s body to choreograph movements, 2) what I wanted my audience to experience (that is more specific than affect), and 3) what is my relationship to the audience/what role do they play. My conversation with Yana was especially telling of my own processes and habits, she presented back to me, the details and idiosyncrasies that I tend to gravitate towards.

On the second night, acting on impulse and experimenting, and I’d like to think, the start of an interesting relationship with the dungeon room (and to think that you were painted in black!—would have liked to have seen it). We were given twenty minutes to create three images about our project. I really like the red chair, the creaking floorboards and the cracked plaster on the wall. I was drawn to Sepy’s jar of marbles and scissors, the pair should be put together more often. Making something that stands out in a cluttered room.

I was working with Khat on the third day. For her piece, we did two writing exercises, the first one about our experiences with hair—it was one of the most autobiographical things I’ve written—thanks to the straight/curly hair obsession I used to have, and trying to explain ‘sheep-hair’. The second exercise we wrote about and around the idea of replacement, and I happily took it to mean displacement without realising. As for my project, I fumbled along, switching between movement/contact improvisation and writing with Khat. Khat was intermittently performer and audience, warm-up leader and DJ. During the three minute showing, I asked three people to throw in words for me to work with, one word per minute. There was a rough plan of using movements and interactions I discovered with Khat, but I was completely derailed from that agenda.

(Featured is the photograph I described to Yana while explaining my project.)

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  1. Maria White says:

    Fascinating, Tanya. I love the things you notice.