ArtsLab Shopfront's artists in residence

And exhale. Then breathe in.

The year is wrapping up. Workin’ my new job.
2 more Markets by Moonlight with Applespiel.
Planning and hoarding for next year’s activities:
Applespiel’s Executive Stress/Corporate Retreat at the Adelaide Fringe.
2 yet-to-be-announced (secret!) projects that will require some time away from home.
Applespiel’s Make a Band and Take On the Recording Industry with Performance Space.
Special little weeks of work on exciting works with incredible artists.
Trying to get some funding, trying out a website.
Trying to act more. Trying to be more proactive.
Try. Try. Try.
Be kind, be generous, be unapologetic.
All the best to Artslab12 – I’ll be back to help out with behind-the-scenes stuff (if you’ll have me).


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