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Video – Light – Ocean – Popcorn – Whisky – Homeless – Dirt – Chairs – Waiting – Television – White – Enclosure – Cockroach – Opera …

These words don’t really follow a pattern but it vaguely describes how the ideas have developed…

A long way from its beginning, but still holds very similar aspects throughout.

The title of my work at current is Requiem.

Requiem is interested in exploring emotions of loss and mourning, of loneliness and questioning, of searching and navigation.

It takes the form of a performance installation with media and a minimalist white structure on white/black checkered vinyl/lino flooring.

The aesthetic form is very much a continuation of a year-long research into the immigrant experience as symptomatic of our everyday orienting of changing urban environments. An earlier project The Ideal Condition that was devised for my practical honours assessment at the University of New South Wales was based on a yellow and red colour palette, and hence not surprisingly, its residue has emerged as an interest in colour response. Black and white seemed like another really fascinating and symbolic visual scheme to go with, thus the many decisions, aesthetic and performative within the work.

If you have seen the show, I want to hear what you experienced of it!
Attached is a photograph taken during rehearsals by Pollyanna Nowicki.




More reflections will come soon.

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