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Woyzeck for ‘Under the Radar’, Brisbane Festival: To Revisit

I am ‘on tour’. I am in sunny Brisbane performing in Netta Yashchin’s Woyzeck [Arts Radar/Amy Morcom] for the Brisbane Festival’s ‘Under the Radar’ Program. This is my first experience touring, and it is a humbling to say the least.

I arrived into Brisbane on Sunday morning. Refreshed and as ready as one can be, the week kicked off to a great start with an afternoon rehearsal in what can only be described as, “a garage that we were  kindly allowed to rehearse in”. This was followed by an early night, so that the cast and crew were prepared for a long and arduous Bump In, Technical and Dress Rehearsal the next day.

The Sue Benner Theatre at Metro Arts is a fantastic performance space, and instantly I felt at ease with where I was to perform that evening. The theatre venue is a black-box that seats 97 patrons, designed with both a balcony and two trapdoors (oh, such fun!). After our Safety Induction, the cast assembled for a scene-by-scene run through of the show. This ran very smoothly, and after a lunch, we prepared for a Technical/Dress Rehearsal. This was the first time I had experienced ‘Festival Tech/Dresses’ and found the stress both exhilarating and completely overwhelming.
… By 6.50pm, we had finished – only be to given our ‘10 minute call’ before opening at 7.00pm.

Woyzeck has had two performances, and today, we have both a matinee and an evening show.

It’s bizarre to step-back (literally) into the characters I created this time last year. And yet, the opportunity to further develop them has been so invigorating. Each character has grown, and each has continued to mature. And on the subject of ‘maturing’, I too, have shifted within the past year … and it is only now that I can begin to see this and attempt to articulate it in writing. I guess, ArtsLab11 has had a huge hand at opening me up to the possibilities of Performance and the opportunities that are available in creating.

I have more to write, but not enough time to do so. More will come very soon.

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