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Wild Art II

Got in a room yesterday with Lucy Watson, Rachel Roberts and Max Paul for a day of Wild Art. Lucy and I met at 10am in the Shopfront studios armed with sheets, a shower curtain, a fish tank, a stack of plates, old Casset tapes, an overhead projector or two, water, gladwrap and a bottle of Gatorade.

This is what happened.

It all started when I picked up a script by David Finig ‘Ile and Moondirt’ I read up to page 11 and was so excited I had to go have a break I was overwhelmed with images.  After many flurried emailed between him and I and long image explosion conversations with Lucy W who I asked to come on board an contribute her unique imagery to the realisation of the piece I decided to scheduled a single day development lab to just play get the excess energy out there before we went back in to ArtsLab. Recurited Rachel and Max and it was a go. Thank you to Shopfront once again for supporting my new endevours.

The four of us where buzzing with so much joy of just playing with our craft for a day that I think it was so the right thing for me now. My Artslab piece decided it wanted to be something quite foreign and scary a few days ago and I really needed this day to remind myself that my instincts are good and that there is no set formula for creating work.

Watching the footage back is quite glorious. Lucy and I worked on the visuals alone for awhile and for the most part we remain incredibly focused and serious as we manoeuvre gladwrap across a data projector or strategically place tapes on a table to make an old city. Then spontaneously one or the other or both erupt will into giggles and shake our fist or dance in child like wonder.

We made an entire city from cassette tapes sheets and an old data projector and decided that if we could build it for a live performance and have a puppeteer or video art manipulating images and shadows generated from the city live we would be happy campers indeed.

There was an hour we spent cracking plates into tiny shards to create snow. I shed a few drops of blood trying to collect the shattered bits and the noise of the smashing was satisfying and scary. They broken bits combined with an old bottle of Nurofin pills made the most incredible snow and the fact that one of the characters is a pharmacist made the snow effect all the more chilling (ha ha)

We didn’t plan any of the images and only worked within a very loose structure. We took in objects and just gave ourselves 8 hours to play. Halfway through the day we had Rachel and Max in the room performing sections from the script in another created snowy environment while Lucy jammed with projections around them.

There was no preconception as to the form we were striving for just instincts and impulses we decided to follow. It was like having a non verbal conversation with David and his ideas. Really more a direct conversation with the script as a living creature itself and boy is it a kooky creature/performance event we have started to uncover.

To bring this back to ArtsLab and ‘Dythirambic’ We had our first session with Yana Taylor today unpacking dramaturgy and it felt like a nice marriage to have come out of a Wild Art session into a session with Yana were we were being encouraged not to take anything for granted and that we are the instigators of conversations.

Makes the Artslab piece and its new desire to be something else a little less scary. Hopefully its full of giggles, seriousness and a few drops of blood as yesterday

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